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Summer Activity List for Kids & Families


This list of Summer Activities is a great way to get your family moving during the summer. Save your kids from getting bored and save your sanity by having a plan. You can use these idea to create a Summer Bucket list or ideas for your kids (family) to do at home. Blank list is included to help you create your own. Place your pretty printable on the refrigerator for the entire family to see.

Summer Activities, Bucket List



This Blank Summer Activity List will help you write down your own ideas. If you already have ideas of your own (which I’m sure you do), you could copy them down on the blank list and add more from the Summer List to create your one, one that totally works for your family’s lifestyle.

50 Summer Activities to Get You Started

Summer Activities, Bucket List


Blank List to Create Your Own

Summer Activities, Bucket List


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